Kids and Teens

SPOTLIGHT: Youth written and produced ad about peer pressure.

Above the Influence: Facts about substance use, advice about dealing with life's challenges, a place to submit prevention related art and film pieces, and information about how to get help. Drug info, Moments of Truth Message Board, Q & A and personal stories. Everyone is different. Find out how alcohol affects you.

Recovery High Schools: Provides information about Recovery High Schools in the United States and where they are located.

Whisper in the Roar Blogs: "Do you have a story of your own about a parent who has a problem with alcohol or drugs? Do you feel like you’re shouting inside but just want to get it out? Connect with others who have similar experiences. Check out how other people deal with a mom or dad who drinks too much or has a drug problem."

Youth Leadership Institute: Information, resources and training materials for youth and adults interested in actively engaging youth in the prevention process.

Youth Empowerment & Policy Project: "The Youth Empowerment Policy Project (YEPP) was established in 2001 with the primary goal of involving Maine's youth in the effort to decrease underage drinking by working to change factors in the social, legal, economic and political environment that encourage, enable or support underage drinking."

Alcohol Advertising and Promotion

Center on Alcohol Marketing and Youth: Research and resources related to the prevalence and impact of alcohol advertising on youth.

Underage and High Risk Drinking

Know Your Limits Campaign: Developed in Great Britain, this campaign provides information, tools and resources to educate the public about how much alcohol is in various types of drinks and the risks associated with high risk and binge drinking.

Rethinking Drinking: A webite aimed at being a resource for anyone who drinks. alcohol. The site offers valuable, research-based information about drinking habits and how they may affect one's health.

STOP Underage Drinking Portal of Federal Resources: A comprehensive portal of Federal resources for information on underage drinking and ideas for combating this issue. People interested in underage drinking prevention—including parents, educators, community-based organizations, and youth—will find a wealth of valuable information here.

Too Smart to Start - Kids' Resources: "Free games that provide information about the benefits of staying alcohol free...Learn about the effects of alcohol on your body, brain, and life...Be savvy about media's influence...Use underage drinking prevention as the perfect subject for research papers, art projects, school newspaper articles...Send encouraging e-cards to your friends, brothers, and sisters...and get more information on underage drinking from resources on the Web."

Too Smart To Start - Teen Resources: Get information on how to stay Too Smart to Start. "Test how much you know about how alcohol affects your body and your behavior...Learn about alcohol facts, myths, consequences...Find ideas for school papers, speeches, presentations...Get answers to some of the most common questions about underage drinking...Be savvy about media's influence...Send free e-card to your friends and siblings to encourage them to stay Too Smart To Start...and find other Web sites about youth and alcohol use prevention."

Why : Offers the facts about the 21 Minimum Legal Drinking age as wells as information on how alcohol affects the teen brain, the realities of underage drinking, facts to common myths and a history of the drinking age law. There is also resources and tips for parents, educators and communities on preventing underage drinking.

Alcohol Use & Abuse

FACE: Resources, training and action on alcohol issues.

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism : Provides publications and research information about alcohol abuse and alcoholism.


Drug Slang Dictionary

Prescription and Over-the Counter Drug Abuse

Close to Home Campaign: The Close to Home Campaign website features information on opiate abuse and addiction, including a Fact Sheet for Teens and Parents and flyers that can be printed and posted in schools, organizations or workplaces.

Stop Cough Medicine Abuse: This website provides information for communities, parents and teens about cough medicine abuse as well as resources to take action.

Substance Abuse

Foundation for a Drug Free World: Resources, information, media and tools for communities, parents and teens.

National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign: Resources, information, media and tools for communities, parents and teens.

Partnership for a Drug Free America: Resources, information, media and tools for communities, parents and teens.