Inhalant Abuse Campaign

This campaign ran April -May 2008. The purpose of the campaign was to increase knowledge about the risks associated with abusing inhalants. It included radio, television and print advertising; a poster contest for youth; an information bulletin for teachers; and brochures for parents.

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Parents Who Host Lose the Most

The Parents Who Host Lose the Most Campaign was developed by Ohio's Drug-Free Action Alliance in 2000 and has been replicated in 48 states since that time. ASAP implemented this campaign in May-June 2008, with the purpose of:

1. educating parents about the health, legal and safety risks of serving alcohol to teens;

2. educating the public about who to contact to report underage drinking violations; and

3. increasing awareness of and compliance with Maine's Underage Drinking Laws.

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There's a New Dealer: The Medicine Cabinet

ASAP and ASAP's Southern Aroostook Youth Advisory Council designed this campaign based on a campaign released in 2008 by the Office of National Drug Control Policy. The campaign provides information about

1. how most teens are gaining access to prescriptions;

2. how to protect yourself, your children and your community from prescription drug abuse related crimes

3. where to dispose of unused and unwanted prescription drugs in Aroostook County this Summer.

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Guidelines for Disposal of Medications