Police and Communities Together (PaCT)

What is PaCT?

In an effort to curtail underage drinking among youth in Aroostook County, the County law enforcement agencies listed below have agreed to conduct random patrol checks of property upon request by a parent or guardian. This service, which is called Police and Communities Together (PaCT), is offered to any parent or guardian who will be away from their residence for an extended period of time. An extended period of time is defined as being out-of-town overnight or longer.



How do I make a request for PaCT?

  1. Look at the list of participating law enforcement agencies below.
  2. If you are a parent or guardian, download and complete the application that is posted at the bottom of this page.
  3. Bring the form to the participating law enforcement agency that is closest to you.


What happens while I am away?

Should law enforcement investigate or respond to a complaint of underage drinking at the residence while you are away, a reasonable attempt will be made to contact you. Please note that decisions relating to the prosecution of any criminal or juvenile offenses will be left to the discretion of the enforcement agency. You may cancel the request for PaCT at any time.



Participating law enforcement agencies

Aroostook County Sheriff's Department

Ashland Police Department

Caribou Police Department

Fort Kent Police Department

Houlton Police Department

Madawaska Police Department

Maine State Police - Aroostook County Division

Presque Isle Police Department

Van Buren Police Department

PaCT Application